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We are a professional mortgage brokerage with

business area covering greater Vancouver area and nationally.


Proudly holding the title of mortgage volume champion since 2009, we are experienced in satisfying all types of mortgage needs including both residential and commercial properties;

including popular dense residential areas and brand new developments. 

With precise judgment and insight in today’s real estate market,

we are able to provide the most efficient and effective solution for our clients.


Given the years of relationship development with various le

nders – Banks, Credit Unions, private lenders etc.

we have the capacity to connect you with the most appropriate lender.

In cases where clients demand multiple financing needs we are able to come up with

an all-in-one solution with one-stop shopping experience.


Trust from clients is our key to success.

Not only we follow clients from the initial application stage to funding,

we continue to provide support and advice after the mortgage is completed.

 We have one ultimate goal – to fulfill your real estate financial need.

Residential Mortgages

Successful Cases

I received the confirmation letter for my PR application in 2015. I was looking at properties and got so excited to find my dream home. Without a PR card though, I just kept getting declines from Banks and started to lose hope for a mortgage… Came across Enna’s contact and gave it a last try. What a pleasant surprise when she gave me an approval of 65% mortgage for New Immigrant! Many thanks to Enna, for helping me settle down in Canada.

Mr. LiNew immigrant program

I am 21 years old and just landed in Canada for 1 year. May be I am too young, and without any Canadian history/experience, none of the Banks would approve me a mortgage. Problem is I placed a no subject offer for a $1.2 million house in Coquitlam… Under serious stress I gave Enna a call. She ended up giving me an approval a 65% mortgage, thank you Enna you are a life saver very much appreciated!

Mr. ZhangNew immigrant program

I run a small restaurant in Vancouver for many years. It was very difficult for me to get a mortgage because of the low income reported on my taxes. I got Enna’s contact from my friend and she helped me obtained an 80% mortgage! Since then, she became my exclusive mortgage broker, and helped me applied for several mortgages more. I recommend her service to all my friends and clients. I believe she is a very practical person and is capable to solve any mortgage issues!

Mrs. ZhangSelf-employed program

I have a small company registered 3 years ago, but it has not much income nor business activities. Enna helped me approve a 65% mortgage through self-employed program. She was very efficient and got me the best mortgage rate and terms that I can get out there!

Mr. HuangSelf-employed program

My husband and I work in Vancouver. Our annual household income is around 90K. We wanted to buy an $800K apartment and Enna helped us to get a 95% mortgage approved! We only needed to put 5% down payment! Thank you very much Enna!

Mr. Li and Mrs. LiIncome qualified – lowest down payment

I wanted to buy a single house and needed a $700K mortgage, however I only have a salary of $70K/year and knew it would not be easy. Saw Enna’s advertisement and gave her a call, wow she got me a mortgage of $720K! Thank you Enna. She is very professional, patiently explained details to me and gave me options, helped me resolved one of the most important problems – getting my house!

Mr. YeIncome qualified – lowest down payment

I want to invest into a $3.5 million house in Canada but I don’t have any income here, just investments from China. Hard to believe Enna got me a 65% mortgage! Thank you Enna for your high efficiency, I can tell, she is a true professional in this industry.

Mr. ZhaoInternational Student / Visitor Visa / Non-Resident

After graduating in Canada I went back to China to work, found a job with salary equivalent to CAD $50,000. I wanted to invest into a $400K condo in Canada, thanks to Enna who got me a 65% mortgage!

Mr. YangInternational Student / Visitor Visa / Non-Resident

There were only 4 days until our purchase completion date but we still didn’t have a mortgage in place. My wife and I are pulling our hair off calling every mortgage broker and Bank, but all of them said there’s not enough time. End up we found Enna, her and her team worked overtime to help us, finally in 4 days she got us a 65% mortgage at a small lender and we closed the purchase on time! Thank you so much Enna!

Mr. Zhang1st, 2nd, 3rd mortgage

I have always wanted my dream home. Found a trust worthy builder and laid out the floor plan, however with no prior experience in construction no Bank would lend me funds for this purpose; or they just give me high expectations on income that I can’t meet. Enna got me a construction mortgage of 75% at a smaller Bank. Fund draws were released on time, flexible and efficient! Everything just went smoothly and my dream came true! I love my new home, many many thanks Enna!

Ms. LiuConstruction mortgage

Commercial Mortgages

Successful Cases

Construction Development Loans – in progress

Construction Development Loans – in progress

Commercial Development Land and Construction Loans

Commercial Development Land and Construction Loans

Commercial Lease Property / Shopping Mall / Warehouse Loan

Commercial Lease Property / Shopping Mall / Warehouse Loan

Hotel / Resort / Clubhouse / Golf Course Loan

Hotel / Resort / Clubhouse / Golf Course Loan

Office / Shop / Small Business Loan

Office / Shop / Small Business Loan

Home building loans

Home building loans

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